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If you are an independent business or IT consultant, we can offer you a large selection of projects for a wide variety of clients. In 2019, we provided projects to over 1950 consultants and had over 250 active clients. We collaborate and have framework agreements with the largest companies in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands.

Because our clients expect a lot of us, we expect a lot of our consultants. Among other things, this means that you must have a minimum of five years of professional experience to work as a consultant for ProData Consult.

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Consultant statements

Niels-Erik Jørgensen:

ProData Consult helped me realize my dream of going freelance

Working as a Technical IT project manager in a permanent position for most of my career, I had long had a dream of going freelance, as new challenges and a changing work-life have always been a big motivating factor for me. To help me with this transition, and after a referral from a friend in my network, the choice fell on ProData Consult. They helped me realize my dream.

They know the needs of the clients and can easily match consultant profiles with the right assignments. This helps open the door to rewarding challenges at international companies, courtesy of framework agreements and coupled with an expansive network of clients. This means that I have been able to quickly and effectively get to work on challenging projects that match my experience, skills, and needs.

ProData Consult is also there for me from start to finish in the project. They offer to spar, when and if I need it, and that provides a sense of security in an environment where you are otherwise left to rely on yourself. In addition, they offer their freelancers professional development courses at great prices, annual Christmas dinners and dialogue meetings with the Account Manager, which create an opportunities to exchange ideas, and receive feedback, ensuring a successful completion of the freelance assignment.

ProData Consult is a business partner who fully understands that in order for them to be a success, every one of their consultants must first be successful, and this is apparent in the service they provide to me as a consultant.

Niels-Erik Jørgensen
Project Manager - Niels-Erik Jørgensen

Christian Jaspers:

Great precision and speed

I’m familiar with ProData Consult from both sides of the table – as a consultant and as a purchaser of consultancy services, and both have been really good experiences. ProData really has a finger on the pulse of the market, along with the ability to understand our needs and translate that into finding the right consultants with great precision and speed.

ProData’s tools and infrastructure are also among the best on the market, and in my experience, their processes are designed for maximum efficiency and speed.

But most important of all is the excellent communication with everyone in ProData’s organization I have had contact with.

Christian Jaspers
Acting CEO

Louise Gewecke Kristensen:

Billing works perfectly

found a six-month project. Things moved fast. I sent a CV on Monday, and I was called in for an interview a week later. On my way home from the interview, ProData Consult called to tell me it was a match. Three or four days later, I started on my very first project as a consultant.

My greatest fear as a new consultant was that I would have to get out there and sell myself, which I wasn’t interested in. Because I’m affiliated with ProData Consult, I don’t need to, because they’re established on the market and have a large client database. Another advantage is that billing works perfectly.

My main motivation for becoming a freelancer was that I wanted variety. Now I have the freedom to choose the projects I’m most interested in, which is in the area of transition and deployment. Of course, sometimes you only have a choice in theory, because you can’t afford to wait for a more exciting project. But so far, there has been a perfect match with the two projects I’ve done through ProData Consult.

Louise Gewecke Kristensen
Transition Project Manager

Jimmy Jeppesen:

They are efficient at finding new assignments

ProData Consult has been my most dependable business partner since I started my company in 1998.

They keep in close contact with me when I'm out on projects for them, so if  I bump into any problems during the assignment, they instantly offer to send out an account manager to help solve the issues.

When a contract is about to expire, ProData is also very efficient at finding new assignments with new customers and even though they have several thousand consultants, they always make ​​me feel like an important consultant.

If a client offers me a full time job, I say no without a second thought, because I know that working with ProData is more valuable to my business than full-time employment.

I can always recommend ProData Consult and I am at your disposal for further comment.


Jimmy Jeppesen
Developer and Web Specialist

Mads Juul Jacobsen:

A fantastic network

I was employed at a small consultancy, where I was in dialogue with Jan Wolff from ProData Consult about using my former employer as a subcontractor for some projects. Shortly afterwards, my company closed down its project management function, and I was let go. It happened on a Friday. Jan Wolff called on Monday and offered me a project.

The greatest advantage to being affiliated with ProData Consult is their fantastic network! I would never have gotten my most recent project on my own. ProData Consult has tons of framework agreements, which is pure gold for a freelancer like me.

So far, ProData Consult has found project that are a good match for me. I also appreciate the regular dialogue about and during the projects – and that we don’t only speak together when there’s a project they want to sell me on.

Mads Juul Jacobsen
Senior Project Manager

John Brun:

ProData Consult is the definition of professionalism

ProData is a super sales channel for me as a consultant! When I’m available I need an organisation that will back me up and promote my CV and sales staff that can make a difference. ProData Consult has that and more.

I’ve done business with ProData now for almost ten years. I’ve had a number of colleagues who’ve sold through ProData since 2002, and my first job for them came in 2003. As the years have gone by I’ve taken on more and more projects for their customers.

They really have a very well-oiled delivery machine running behind the scenes where there are people who will back me up and provide me with help and support, whether it’s a matter of invoicing, contracts or deliveries. Plus, they have a very professional HR department. The work they’ve done on my CV – it’s like product development! Now it really reflects my skills and makes it easier for their customers to understand exactly where I can help and where I can’t.

Their service represents excellent value for money, and their margin on the fees I earn is well-deserved.

ProData Consult is the definition of professionalism, and, of course, I’m very happy to be associated with them.

John Brun
Project Manager and Business Developer

Trine Meinert Ekknud:

The connection with ProData Consult is a distinct advantage

In January I chose to quit my full-time job in order to become a freelance consultant. I needed to be able to seek out the challenges and projects, that are good matches for me – and not just be a part of one company's pipeline. As a full-time employee you are not always the one best suited to accomplish a specific task. As a consultant I can take on projects where I get to exploit my talents in an optimal way.

But projects don’t grow on trees so I started uploading my resume to different IT consulting firms. ProData Consult was the first to call. I hadn’t expected anything this explosive: they were very attentive and had a very outgoing energy. Before I knew it I met with the HR Manager, who helped me refine my cv, to get the emphasis right. I was also introduced to the Sales Manager, who told me he would go out and ‘sell’ me straight away. A few days later I was in a meeting with my first client. The course of events highly exceeded my expectations!

It wasn’t ProData Consult that made me take the plunge into freelancing, but they make my dream possible. On my own I wouldn’t be able to get the big assignments, since the companies that I find interesting and who has the big jobs, are all hiring through consulting firms. The connection with ProData Consult is a distinct advantage, because their large customers provide me with my bread and butter. And I get to run my own small projects of interest on the side."

Trine Meinert Ekknud
Project Manager

Bo Belvedere Christensen:

I am given assignments that fit my experience and expertise

The first time I heard of ProData Consult, it was from a friend who had been a consultant for ProData for several years. Since I was looking to go freelance at the time, I applied for assignments through ProData.

In the recruiting process, my contacts with the consultancy house gave me the impression of a very systematic and professional firm. The process was surprisingly swift and there were no unpleasant surprises. Absolutely, ProData seemed like the right place to be associated with.

PDC worked very hard to find assignments for me, but I came in at a very inopportune moment, right at the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008.  There was not a lot of call for freelancers, but they still managed it after a brief waiting period. There have been several good offers since the first assignment.

It is my impression that ProData have good understanding of their clients and insight into their needs, which helps ensure that freelancers are given the right assignments in relation to their existing skills and experience. The operational set-up works very well, with a smooth reporting and feedback process, which I value highly.

Being affiliated with ProData has been very rewarding for me as a freelancer. I was able to use my special skills from the beginning, I have had exciting assignments for ProData clients and the house provides superb consultant events where you can expand your horizons and network with other freelancers.

I am delighted to recommend ProData as a leading consultancy house on the basis of the firm's proven professionalism.  As a consultant, this means that I am made aware of my strengths and my value; I am given assignments that fit my experience and expertise and all the administrative aspects work smoothly and can be dealt with swiftly.

Bo Belvedere Christensen
Project Manager

Why work as an independent consultant?

Are you looking for greater variety in your projects? Do you want to have a greater influence on what projects you work on? Then working as an independent consultant might be the answer for you. As a consultant, you get:

  • greater freedom to choose your own jobs and projects
  • better pay - You can earn up to 50%-100% more (but remember, you handle your own holiday and pension savings)
  • a dynamic career with a wide variety of projects and exciting challenges
  • the opportunity to make a difference in the client's organization.

Along with the many opportunities opened up by a career as an independent consultant, there are also challenges: you have to be able to find your footing quickly in a new organization, take responsibility and deliver results - fast. If you master this way of working, you are in a good position to benefit from the many advantages of a career as an independent consultant.

From employee to independent consultant

Are you in a permanent position, do you have over five years of experience as a business or IT consultant, and are you interested in becoming an independent consultant? We'd love to help you get your first project. However, we can't help you if you're employed by one of our clients.

How to handle the transition from employee to independent consultant:

  1. The safest way

    Register and fill out your CV with ProData Consult. Don't hand in your resignation until you have been assigned your first job. For this approach, the client needs to be willing to wait until your notice period ends. This means that it can take time to find your first job, because the majority of clients require consultants to start on short notice.

  2. The fastest way

    Register and fill out your CV with ProData Consult. Hand in your resignation and inform ProData Consult when you will be available for projects. This makes it easier for us to sell you, which means that you will get your first project more quickly. However, you do face a greater financial risk with this approach.

It's important to end your current employment contract in fair and decent way. Finish any ongoing projects and make yourself available in connection with transferring knowledge and products. As an independent consultant, you live off your network, and your current employer may some day become your future client.

You must be self-employed

Because consultancy contracts are concluded between businesses, not individuals, you have to be registered as self-employed. Among other things, this means you have to:

  • register your business
  • choose a corporate form - sole proprietorship or company - there can be advantages and disadvantages to both options. 
  • familiarize yourself with rules on taxation and deductions, as well as other financial aspects of self-employment
  • decide whether or not you want to hire an accountant.

We recommend that you hire an accountant

Handling all the aspects of self-employment can be complicated, which is why we recommend that you hire an accountant, especially if you're just starting out as an independent consultant. An accountant can help clarify your options and advise you. As you become more familiar with the rules, you may no longer need to rely on an accountant.

Become an independent consultant with ProData Consult

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