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Are you a top-level front-end developer searching for new opportunities

At ProData Consult, we’re looking for experienced front-end developers who can advise our clients on the possibilities and limitations of the different programming languages. In addition, you need a minimum of five years of experience.

As a front-end developer at ProData Consult, it’s also crucial that you have experience with either JavaScript or HTML/CSS.

Do you have experience with JavaScript?

As a JavaScript developer, you know how to create a lively, dynamic website, and you know how to program the elements which create a unique user experience. You know how to advise your client on the possibilities and limitations of JavaScript, as well as on how it fits in with the other aspects of front-end development. In addition, you also need to be able to:    

  • develop precisely the functions and elements which bring a website alive
  • create an efficient web development process
  • demonstrate JavaScript’s enormous potential for dynamic elements
  • ensure a good user experience on all platforms ((PC, Mac, tablet, smartphone).

Do you have experience with HTML and CSS?

As a web designer, you are capable of using HTML and CSS to develop web solutions which work on all browsers and platforms (PC, Mac, tablet, mobile), in order to provide the client with a more complete and accessible web solution. In addition, you understand how to:

  • design a website which lives up to the latest standards for web design
  • exploit the unique capabilities of HTML and CSS as programming languages
  • advise the client about the many web development possibilities supported by HTML and CSS
  • make sure that the web solution functions optimally in all browsers and across all device.

Find your next front-end job at ProData Consult

At ProData Consult, we get a lot of requests for experienced front-end developers with strong skills in JavaScript, CSS and/or HTML. We work with some of the largest companies, which means that we can offer our consultants a wide variety of exciting challenges and projects.

As a front-end developer, you often become part of a larger development team located with the client where you work with the other developers to deliver a successful result. You will be responsible for implementing the necessary functionality in the solution to give the client’s end-users a unique experience. 

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