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At ProData Consult, we’re looking for testers with a minimum of five years of experience who are specialists in testing the quality and design of IT software to ensure compliance with the client’s expectations before the software becomes a product available to end-users.

As a tester, you are an expert in testing both IT software and hardware to ensure that both quality and design meet the client’s demands prior to the production and implementation process. You detect defects in function and design which can have serious consequences for the product. You can determine whether the software performs its functions correctly, as well as how the software is experienced by the end-user. Your most important skills are:

  • quality assurance of IT software and hardware during the development process
  • identifying and correcting defects in function and design during the test and development process
  • supporting an agile development process through effective adaptation
  • ensuring smooth integration of existing and new software.

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At ProData Consult, we receive a lot of requests for skilled testers. 

As a tester for one of our clients, you have a decisive role in the development and testing of software. You become one of the key players who ensures that that test is designed and carried out effectively, and that the results of the test are applied in the subsequent development process. You are responsible for ensuring the quality of the IT software or hardware during the entire development process as well as for detecting any errors and defects that occur along the way.

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