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Are you a skilled test manager searching for new assignments?

At ProData Consult, we’re looking for test managers who know how to manage the test process, and who have a minimum of five years of experience.

As a test manager, you make sure that defects are detected as early as possible in the development process. You are able to correct defects throughout the test and development process, and you make sure that potential defects are detected in the early stages of the project. Thanks to your extensive experience, you can advise the client on the typical challenges that emerge during the process and how to proactively work to avoid them in order to minimize risk and costs. In addition, you have the necessary experience and skills to:

  • plan and prioritize all the test-related tasks
  • write the test strategies
  • structure and review the test plan
  • handle the challenges and outcomes of the test process professionally and proactively
  • plan the execution of the test.
  • take responsibility of certain designs if the required competencies are missing
  • code reviewing
  • spread expertise and good usage of tools such as bug-tracking database or versioning systems
  • delegate
  • hire the right people
  • write performance review.

Find your next freelance test manager job at ProData Consult

At ProData Consult, we receive a lot of requests for skilled test managers. 

As a test manager with ProData Consult, you get access to jobs for some of the largest organizations and businesses. You are challenged professionally, and we always match your skill set with what our clients are looking for. As a test manager, you are typically responsible for planning the activities of the test and ensuring the most efficient possible use of available resources. As a test manager, your most important responsibility is to constantly and actively managing the test to ensure the desired outcomes. Typically, you are also responsible for developing a test strategy and concrete test plans which are tailored to the organizational framework of the test process, in collaboration with the client’s management team, which decides what is expected of the testing process. Your most important task as test manager is to maintain a holistic view of the entire process, structure its various tasks and keep the test processes moving forward. 

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