Thanks for 2013 and full speed ahead in 14

Editorial, CEO Søren Rode.

In 2013, more than 600 different ProData Consult consultants worked for more than 185 different clients in 6 different countries.

Once again, we were the biggest in our segment in Denmark, measured in the number of consultants working on-site for clients.

Also once again, Computerworld named us the best IT consultancy in Denmark in 2012 at their Top 100 event. This was the 5th time in the last 9 years and the 3rd consecutive year. We dare say – in all modesty – that this speaks for itself.

Overall, 2013 was a good year in a pressured market and a zero-growth economy. All indications are that economic growth will come in 2014 and we experienced a markedly higher activity level at year-end 2013, which has continued into January 2014. Long story short, we are expecting a busy 2014 packed with new and exciting consultant assignments!

This first issue of Consultant News in 2014 is mainly about IT management – and why is that? After all, ProData Consult is primarily known for delivering hardcore technical IT consultants.

But we are also known for delivering some of the most talented project managers and business consultants in the market at the 'body shopping' level – where the client understands the nature of the task and can provide a clear skills profile, which we can deliver.

One of our long-standing ambitions has been to advise and assist the customer during the clarification phase. But our current business model had its limitations in that context. Consequently, last year we spun off the company ProData Management, which is tailor-made to meet these challenges.

ProData Management is built around a core of dedicated partners, some of the true heavyweights in the business who 'have been there, done that and have the scars to prove it' as they put it. These partners assure continuity in projects and the build-up of internal expertise. They have the experience and knowledge to ask the right questions in the clarification phase and provide a tailor-made team. The best people to perform the task – technically and in commercial terms – are carefully selected from ProData Consult's extensive consultant database.

So, if you are a management consultant, project manager, or technical consultant, there is a great possibility that you will also be contacted by one of the partners at ProData Management concerning assignments.

The market has responded enthusiastically to this business model, which is going to result in more consultancy assignments and opportunities for you as a consultant.

On behalf of everyone in management, I would like to thank you for your good and loyal cooperation in 2013 and wish you a successful consultancy year in 2014.

Søren Rode