Voluntary consultants at the Danish Red Cross

In June, ProData Consult was contacted by the Danish Red Cross with a request for voluntary IT consultants who could assist with an IT project in conjunction with the annual Red Cross fundraising campaign. 

ProData Consult's HR department immediately began to advertise within our network and soon after, the Red Cross was contacted by two highly-qualified IT consultants who were keen to assist with the project on a voluntary basis.

One of them is Finn Færgemann, who is still a voluntary IT consultant for the project. He is helping to update the Red Cross' IT systems so that the fundraising campaign on Wednesday, 15 October runs efficiently and smoothly by, for instance, making it easier for fundraisers to get feedback when they have submitted their data to the Red Cross.

"I am delighted to be able to help other people and this is a really great cause to support!" says Finn Færgemann, who is looking forward to working with the Red Cross in the future, together with the other volunteers on the team.

Karin Bucholtz from the Red Cross says: "This will make a big difference for us, since with a better database we can have a more effective fundraising campaign with optimum utilisation of our resources, and the process towards the fundraising campaign will be much more rewarding for the other volunteers."

ProData Consult would like to thank Finn and the other consultants who volunteered for this project for their great contribution and support for a good cause.