Søren Rode, CEO.

Life as a Freelance IT consultant – summer 2015

In this issue of Consultant News, Søren, Mads and Kristian describe their lives as freelance IT consultants. This demanding work is only for the very best, since customers always expect top-notch performance, and often under a lot of pressure, which can be time pressure or the pressure of expectations.

Yet life as a freelancer also gives some unique opportunities and freedom.

A chance to work on the most exciting IT projects, devoting yourself to the technologies you love, with focus on the project and not on internal disruptions and politics, and the freedom and financial resources to take a break from assignments and do just as you please, for a while.

Søren, Mads and Kristian offer their tricks, tips and best practices for consultants, while Flemming Kirkskov from Santander Consumer Bank provides the customer's viewpoint, describing his expectations of IT consultants.
From our own world, the big news is that we have now started up in Germany. We have had activities there for a long time, including a large and exciting Javascript/Frontend project that ran in Berlin for now defunct Nokia, and we have now finally taken the plunge and started up a German company, located in Munich.

Many of our assignments in Germany were staffed with
Scandinavian consultants, and in future we also expect that our
major neighbour to the south will offer many opportunities for Scandinavian consultants.

In Denmark and in general, the first quarter has been busy, with extensive optimism and good winds in the consulting market. Demand is high within many different competence categories, and if you are looking for assignments, I recommend that you go to it-consultant.com, update your CV and keep an eye out for our assignments.
Have a great summer.

Søren Rode