Søren Rode, CEO.

It’s front-end time

Welcome to a totally nerdy issue of ConsultantNews which is completely and totally dedicated to front-end, front-end and more front-end.

Two of the truly heavyweight consultants affiliated with ProData Consult are behind the ColdFront conference, probably most important front-end conference in Scandinavia. We’re following up on the success of the conference by bringing you coverage of the event and interviews with some of Europe’s most respected and innovative front-end developers.

It’s hard to think of another technology that’s more relevant to get nerdy about than the front-end technologies, UI and UX. Their importance just keeps on growing – and the trend shows no sign of stopping. Increasingly, logic is being transferred to the front-end, which is getting more and more code-heavy.

When I started out in the industry almost fifteen years ago, front-end was way down on the to-do list, and Javascript was something you only spent time on if you absolutely couldn’t avoid it.

UI/UX was something you left to the ad agencies. The front-end was low status, and ‘real’ developers focussed on back-end.

With ZYB (later Vodaphone), Saxo Bank and a huge, ambitious front-end project in Berlin for now defunct Nokia, ProData Consult jumped feet first into some of the first big, ambitious front-end projects back in 2007-8. An exciting and fascinating world with the wildest projects – and we’ve loved it ever since.
Today, front-end is an independent specialization, UI and UX are top-of-mind issues, and front-end is where some of the biggest technological advances and breakthroughs are taking place.

Admittedly, this issue of ConsultantNews is intensely front-end nerdy. Nonethless, I hope that you’ll find it useful – whether you’re a front-ender, a back-ender, a tester, a project manager or something else entirely.

And before I sign off, just a final comment on the IT consultant market: The market is positive, and it’s peak season for consultant sales right now. If you’re interested in taking on a new project, update your CV at consultants.com and let our resource department know you’re available.


Søren Rode