CEO Søren Rode, ProData Consult.

Denmark's biggest healthcare IT project

We have a growing portfolio of substantial, interesting and challenging projects for our clients.

One of these projects, the theme of this issue of ConsultantNews, is the healthcare platform, the largest healthcare IT project in Denmark. The price tag on this historic project is DKK 2.8 billion (EUR 0,375 billion), and the objective is to standardize treatment of patients in the Capital Region of Denmark and Region Zealand. When the new system is up and running, it will be a tool for 44,000 employees in the healthcare sector, and it will improve the treatment of 2.5 million citizens.

ProData Consult has had many different consultants working on the project during its lifetime, and right now four of our consultants are involved in the project, as program manager, subprogram manager and project managers at Region Zealand. We’ve spoken to them about their experiences with this huge IT project, and we’ve also chatted with IT Development Manager Henning Trier, who is in command of the healthcare platform at Region Zealand. He tells us about the challenges he has faced in getting his own people up to speed, and that there’s one pitfall he thinks all too many consultants fall into. But you can read more about this in the article on page 8.

This issue of ConsultantNews will be the last in PDF format, because we’re putting the finishing touches on an update of, where all articles will be published as soon as they’re finished from now on. The new, improved website will also offer many new features, including a job filter which will make it easier to find precisely the jobs which match you. The new and improved consultant website will go live in late October.

After a relatively quiet summer, we’re wonderfully busy again: We’re sending more business and IT consultants to our clients than ever before. With over 250 different ProData end clients in six different countries who need a wide variety of skills in all areas of technology, we are probably one of the best consultancies to be affiliated with, if you’re looking for exciting and challenging projects.

Everything indicates that the positive trends in the consulting business will continue.

Søren Rode