ProData Consult strengthens its board of directors

ProData Consult has strengthened its board of directors with the addition of two prominent business professionals. Jørgen Bardenfleth (left), who sits on the boards of a number of tech companies, and John Dueholm (right), former Executive Vice President of SAS, joined the ProData Consult Board of Directors on 1 January 2017.

In recent years, ProData Consult has achieved solid growth. Driven by the growth of the Danish division, the business has also established a solid presence on the IT consultancy market in Poland, Sweden, Norway, Germany and the Netherlands. But the board of directors has set its sights even higher for the company’s future development. And in order to take the next steps towards further growth and internationalization, Bardenfleth and Dueholm have joined the board.

“Two truly experienced professionals will be joining us at the table when the decisive decisions are to be made. They both have executive experience in major international companies, which will strengthen the board’s qualifications significantly. What’s more, they both have considerable experience with international acquisitions. These qualifications are a good match for ProData Consult’s growth strategy,” states Chairman of the Board Jens Kyhnæb.  

A good match

Jørgen Bardenfleth brings enormous experience and a flair for commercializing technology services to ProData Consult: for over 25 years, he held executive positions in some of the world’s largest IT companies, including HP, Intel and Microsoft. He also has extensive experience with board membership, which has been his exclusive focus since 2013. As a new member of the board, Bardenfleth is pleased with ProData Consult’s development thus far, and anticipates an exciting future for the consultancy.

“Today, companies have an acute need to digitize their business processes and create digital solutions, and that need is accelerating. At the same time, we also have a new generation of employees, the most qualified of whom are increasingly oriented towards project-based forms of employment. ProData Consult has founded its business on these two tendencies. This is one of the reasons why I believe that exciting developments are in store for ProData Consult. And I’m looking forward to influencing this,” Bardenfleth explains. 

His new fellow board member, John Dueholm, also contributes solid international experience, for example from his work on the executive management teams of ISS and Group 4 Falck, where he gained experience with international expansion, particularly through new acquisitions. At the same time, Dueholm is the chairman of a variety of companies which, like ProData Consult, operate with complex solutions and services. These are some of the qualifications Dueholm will draw on in moving ProData Consult forward towards new successes. And according to Dueholm, the future looks bright. 

"ProData Consult has a highly scalable business model. This provides excellent opportunities for further expansion in the countries in which they already operate, as well as in new geographical areas. I'm looking forward to be part of and contributing to a company which has already made such a fantastic journey, but which also has good prospects for the future," Dueholm states. 

ProData Consult’s turnover in 2016 was approximately € 95 million, and the company employed over 800 consultants in 6 countries.