Eliantie becomes part of ProData Consult

The two companies ProData Consult and Eliantie B.V. have as of January 1st, 2017 decided to merge. This takes place in a transaction, where ProData Consult acquires the majority of the shares in Eliantie B.V.

Eliantie and ProData Consult have both strong traditions for delivering expert IT consultants to some of the biggest companies in the Netherlands. In order to be able to accommodate the clients growing needs for IT specialist, a merger between the two companies was a natural choice.   

”With this merger in place, we become a more attractive partner to our clients. We are now in better shape to help our clients conquer their resource problems. Together we can offer our clients a larger variety of quality IT consultancy services and we are better fit to find the right consultants nationally and internationally,” says Maurice Blanken, Commercial Director at Eliantie.      

The merger will not only benefit the clients, but also the large network of affiliated IT consultants. According to Toine van Kastel, Country Manager at ProData Consult, the combined company will be able to provide the consultants with more opportunities and a more personalized service.

“Together we can offer our consultants a larger portfolio of clients and thereby also a larger volume of interesting assignments. We will have the capacity to match our consultants with exactly the kind of project they are looking for.”

A great match

Already in the beginning the feeling about the merger was great. The similarities, but also the synergies between the two companies was obvious, both on the business side but also on a personal level.

“Already at the first meeting we felt a strong match between the two companies. Our approach to delivering services to our clients and consultants are the same. We both believe in quality before quantity, and we are both companies founded on trust, integrity and respect. So it was quite obvious to us, that the companies were fit to join forces,” says Jeroen Diederik, CEO at Eliantie.

And expectations to the future of the combined company are high.

“It is our ambition to become a more significant player on the market in the Netherlands. But our growth must never compromise our ability to deliver second-to-none services,” Diederik states.

All employees and consultants from both companies continue in the new setup. The company will be led by Jeroen Diederik, Maurice Blanken and Toine van Kastel.

The two companies delivered combined revenues of approximately €100 million in 2016.

ProData Consult facts:

  • Prodata Consult is an international IT-consultancy with headquarters in Denmark and departments in Sweden, Norway, Germany, the Netherlands and Poland.
  • The company delivered a revenue of approximately €92 million in 2016.
  • In 2016, ProData Consult employed more than 1050 different consultants, with more than 180 clients and across 6 countries.

Eliantie facts:

  • Eliantie is an IT-consultancy located in Rijswijk in the Netherlands.
  • The company delivered a revenue of approximately €7.5 million in 2016.
  • Eliantie has more than 70 active consultants – both permanent staff consultants and freelancers.

For more information, please contact:

  • Jeroen Diederik, , CEO at Eliantie, +31655343068
  • Maurice Blanken, , Commerciel Director at Eliantie, +31615051307
  • Toine van Kastel, , Country Manager at ProData Consult, +31637301951