Statistics and trends: What competences and roles are most in demand?

At ProData Consult, we get numerous new inquiries from our clients every day. And if we look past the constant stream of new buzzwords and trends which shape the agenda in the IT industry, what are the competences our clients demand most today? We’ve drilled down into the statistics.

Equal parts business and IT

At ProData Consult, technical and development-related inquiries make up almost half of all client inquiries. And more than one in ten inquiries is infrastructure-related. This means that the hardcore technical competences are most in demand in our client’s inquiries, which historically speaking is not a new trend. At the same time, our clients have begun increasingly requesting business-related competences. In fact, almost 40% of all inquiries are in the business category.

In relation to technical competences, there is particularly high demand for development and programming competences. Over 41% of all inquiries contain requirements for technical development competences.

In relation to business-related inquiries, program and project management, as well as test management, are most in demand, representing 46% and 29% of inquiries respectively.

Technical competences

The most recent figures from the TIOBE Index[1] reveal that Java is still the most popular programming language among developers. So it is not surprising that Java is the technical competence our clients ask for most often. In 36.5% of all technical inquiries, our clients have requested Java competences.

In contrast to the TIOBE Index, where JavaScript comes in 7th place, JavaScript is the second most requested technical competence among our clients – which includes AngularJS, jQuery and Node.js. JavaScript competences are in high demand because companies are focussing on ensuring their websites are optimised for mobile devices – that they are responsive and interactive.

We are also experiencing strong demand for .Net, C# and HTML5 competences.

Popular platforms and databases

If we examine what platforms consultants need to be familiar with and have experience with to meet our clients’ demands, we see that .Net, Java/j2EE and Linux stand out. These are the platforms most often requested by our clients. Our clients also request expertise in Android and iOS frequently.

In terms of databases, expertise and experience in SQL server, My SQL and DB2 are popular.

Best Practice methods in high demand

Not surprisingly, Prince2, agile/SCRUM and IPMA are the most requested methods in the program and project management toolbox. Agile/SCRUM and ISTQB/ISEB dominate inquiries for tests and test managers. In relation to agile, SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) is increasing in popularity.