Win the race to your next freelance project

When your freelance assignment is nearing its end, how do you best prepare for the next project and take advantage of the momentum you have built?

Speed is everything

Companies who need freelance IT consultants often move quick, finding the right candidate in a matter of days, effectively leaving candidates with little time to react on job posts. Therefore, as a candidate it is important to know that consultancies or recruiters will close the hiring process as soon as they have the right candidates for the position. This is a process that often takes a few days, but can take as little as 24 hours, depending on the amount of interest the project receives and requirements of the client.

Speed is therefore a huge factor in determining your success. Don’t wait too long before submitting your application to the dream project. Get your things in in order and ready, so you can act fast once job opportunities present themselves.

Get the word out

When you are at the end of an assignment, it is crucial to get the word out that you will be available for new projects again shortly. Call up your consultancy partner, be proactive and spread the word that you are looking for your next project and that you are ending your current assignment on a certain date.

Inquire about trends and find out if there are any courses or certifications that you might need, in order to sharpen your skills further and stay ahead of the curve, so you can stand out for your next project.

This is the best time to polish your profile and make yourself attractive. Remember the longer you spend between projects the less bargaining power you essentially have for any negotiation situation.

Update your business profile(s)

It can be a bit tedious to have to update multiple profiles across several websites. Therefore, we recommend focusing on the consultancy managed databases first. This is due to the simple reason that once companies reach a certain size, the procurement of consultants often goes through Consultancy firms, essentially making them the gatekeepers for most freelance projects. Therefore, if you have registered a profile with a Consultancy Firm, start by updating it with your new experience and knowledge. Technologies constantly change and so does demand, make sure any new experience is reflected in your profile.

Keep your LinkedIn profile updated. One of the best tips is to update the Summary-section with information on when you will be available again, since recruiters actively search on select keywords like “freelance”, “available”, “opportunity” to find candidates. Update your list of competences and make your new experience and knowledge visible. Furthermore, if you possess niche knowledge and skills, make sure it is obvious from your LinkedIn page – those skills might just be exactly what someone is looking for. In other words, if you want to increase your chances of being found, then start thinking like a recruiter and optimize your LinkedIn-profile around it.  

Take advantage of online tools

Knowing that the window of opportunity potentially can close at any minute, and the difference between getting considered for a project or not, can depend on the speed at which you apply, having tools at your disposal that can instantly notify you of new projects is a clear advantage. Many job sites offer features that will notify you by email when the criteria for the project you seek is met. Set them up so they can work for you.

Our free ConsultantApp for consultants is an option for all freelancers that will keep you covered with instant notifications related to new project openings, courtesy of one of its basic features. For instance, it will send you a notification whenever the project you seek is created, allowing you to instantly submit your profile by the push of a button. The app will then automatically pull your consultant profile from our database and handle the rest. 

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