The CV: Tips for freelance consultants

A good CV increases your chances of getting an interview and landing your next project. Here are a few tips for you that will bring your CV to the next level and increase your chances next time you are applying for a new freelance position.

Set the direction in your summary

The summary section is crucial as it is the first thing people will read. It sets the direction of your profile and is the first step in convincing a potential client that you are the right candidate for the project. Keep it short, concise and objective, getting to the core of your profile but leaving out long and complicated descriptions.

Personalise and adapt your CV

While the goal is to be as objective as possible, you are allowed to adjust your CV, in fact, we recommend it when you are applying for a new role. Therefore, emphasise the competences and prior experiences where you used relevant skills and solved the same or similar problems. This is especially important when you have worked with many technologies over the years, stacking skills on top of skills. Make an effort to "highlight" the ones that are relevant for the specific assignment. 

Using buzzwords is important

Flinging buzzwords around is typical of the times we are living in, and while we do not recommend plastering your CV with buzzwords, we do recommend you use them strategically to your advantage. If you have experience with the latest cutting-edge technologies, then make sure you include them - especially when they are relevant to the project! 

Get an edge

CVs are all about making your profile stand out. Since you are applying for a role that needs specific competences, you must make sure these stand out in your CV. Furthermore, make sure you specify your skill level in the relevant technologies. The more variables and layers your profile has, the more unique your profile will be. But do not just state expert in everything, because then you will still end up with a generic CV with no differentiation.  

Be specific with the technical stuff

Writing "I am a consultant" is not enough. What are you a consultant in, and how have you previously helped clients is what matters.

Client's want to know whether you are the one that can help them solve the assignment. Therefore, you should elaborate on the parts of your experience that would be relevant for the project you are applying for. Consider it your golden opportunity to convince and impress upon a new client that you are well versed in a certain area, and that you have what it takes. As long as your experience applies to the situation, the more specific you can be the better.  

It's up to you

Remember a potential client, i.e., the recipient of your CV only receives the information you have included. If you possess a skill or technology, but it is not visible, the recipient might question whether you have the relevant expertise. 

With the CV as your tool, you need to convey that you have the skills, experience and qualifications required to solve the assignment. Therefore, you must include the necessary information and make sure to update it as you acquire new skills and new experiences throughout your freelance career.