IT Trends in 2019

As the largest IT consultancy in Denmark, and with more than 220 clients in Europe, the projects our consultants solve for our clients vary greatly. In this piece we will highlight some of the rising IT trends that we have observed in the marketplace so far in 2019.


Scaled Agile Framework® or SAFe is an agile framework that large organizations have adopted over the last couple of years, enabling several teams or departments to work together on larger agile programs. SAFe is growing rapidly in Scandinavia and we regularly work with companies that are underway with an agile transformation based on SAFe.


Another emerging trend is cloud migration. More and more companies are moving their operations to the cloud. We are experiencing a big increase in the demand for competences within Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS) from our clients, highlighting a need for cloud specialists that can help realize the company ambitions of moving to the cloud.

Agile, DevOps, & CI/CD

Agile methods, DevOps, and CI/CD are the talk of the town. The three are closely related, and still different. But, how is that?

In short, agile methods focus on the processes and the people, in a way that emphasizes change while also increasing the rate of delivery.

DevOps is centered around culture, highlighting roles that strengthen accountability.

Lastly, CI/CD focuses on software-defined life cycles, which emphasizes tools that enhance automation. The interaction between the three is reflected in the industry and in our clients’ demands.

With DevOps, Cloud, and CI/CD in the picture, more and more have also begun to delve deeper into how they can design their entire architecture, figuring out which tools are required. The big buzzwords right now in the industry and this area, are Kubernetes (K8S), Docker, OpenShift, and Microservices.

Other trends

  • Within .NET, .NET Core is gaining momentum,
  • In Java, it is Scala in particular,
  • Within Mobile, Flutter is on the rise,
  • Within JavaScript, Vue is gaining ground, however, Angular and React remain the most popular JavaScript libraries among the clients.