ProData Consult prepares for international expansion in the wake of record-high annual results

The 2016 annual report just presented by ProData Consult shows the best results in the company’s history. The stellar performance in 2016 will provide the financial muscle needed to expand and strengthen the group’s activities on the international scene.

In the brand-new annual report presented on 16 March 2017, ProData Consult achieved record-breaking top-line and bottom-line results in 2016. Last year, the turnover of the ProData group was EUR 93 million, corresponding to a growth in turnover of almost 50%. The group achieved an EBITDA of EUR 6.7 million, which represents 35% growth and an EBT of EUR 5.4 million.

With this year’s financial results, ProData Consult can now look back on a four-year period during which the group more than doubled its business while at the same time positioning itself for expansion in northern Europe. 

The majority of the company’s business is still located in Denmark, which accounts for approximately three-fourths of turnover, with the remaining one-fourth derived from activities in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Poland and Holland. ProData Consult will focus on strengthening its presence on international markets even further in coming years. And in addition to aiming for organic growth rates of over 10%, international acquisitions are also part of ProData Consult’s growth strategy.

Find the annual report here.

New year, new acquisition

2017 had barely begun before ProData Consult made the year’s first acquisition. The group acquired the majority of the shares in the Dutch IT consultancy Eliantie B.V. This will increase ProData Consult’s presence on the Dutch market considerably while also providing access to a variety of strategic clients, highly qualified IT consultants and a staff of skilled employees.

“We have been on the lookout for an acquisition in Holland for a long time, and we found the perfect match at Eliantie. At the same time, we are gaining a significant presence on the Dutch market and a strong platform on which to continue building,” says Chairman of the Board Jens Kyhnæb.

And the acquisition in the Netherlands is just the first in a series of planned additions to the ProData Consult family. According to the chairman of the board, the group’s ambition is to pursue additional acquisitions in 2017 – and the Swedish market is particularly interesting.

“We are actively searching for candidates for acquisition in Sweden, but we are also open to opportunities in Poland and Norway if the right match turns up,” explains Kyhnæb:

“Our philosophy is that we only make an acquisition if we find the perfect match. But in any case, the financial results we achieved in 2016 give us the capacity for further expansion on the international scene.”

Selected highlights from the 2016 annual report

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